Support Downtown Businesses with Gift Cards

Downtown business owners need the support of the community more than ever.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 continues to evolve and disrupt many aspects of our daily lives. The first priority is the safety of our community. This is a challenging time for everyone. Many of our downtown stores, restaurants, cafés, pubs and services are closing temporarily. Many local businesses are adapting to support customers online. One of the biggest challenges faced by local businesses is the expenses don’t stop when the lights are turned off and the door is locked. One thing people can do to support them is buy gift cards and certificates now and spend them later when they reopen. This allows the businesses to have some cashflow to help cover current expenses.

The Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area has launched a website where you can buy gift cards and certificates from 59 downtown businesses. Gift cards and certificates will be mailed (or emailed if electronic) to shoppers.

For a limited time, the DBIA is offering extra downtown money when you purchase gift certificates through this site. For every $50 in gift cards and certificates purchased, the DBIA will send customers $25 in Downtown Money. The DBIA has a limited amount of Downtown Money available for this promotion. Shoppers are limited to eight $25 Downtown Money gift certificates each.

Visit and support your favourite downtown businesses!

“Buying gift cards is a great way to show your favourite local shops that you still support them and that you’ll be back when they reopen,” says Terry Guiel, Executive Director of the DBIA. “It gives them a financial boost at a very critical time.”

While many local businesses are currently closed to the public, some are considered essential services and can remain open (possibly with changes and some restrictions), including:
• Grocery stores
• Hardware stores
• Stores selling food, pet supplies, household products to keep a home safe and clean, safety products, office supplies, computer products and maintenance
• Restaurants providing delivery or takeout options
• Pharmacies
• Financial institutions, including banking and insurance
• Beer, wine and liquor stores and alcohol producers
• Gas stations
• Hotels
• Services that include cleaning, property maintenance, security, sanitation
• Communications companies
• Taxis
• Shipping, courier and delivery services
• Laundromats
• Legal and professional services like lawyers, engineers, accountants, and paralegals
• Funeral services
• Businesses providing cheque cashing services

For the full list of businesses deemed essential and able to stay open, go to

Suggestions for supporting local businesses:
• Shop local businesses online
• Order your favourite meals and snacks to-go from local restaurants, cafes, and pubs
• Reach out and see if the local business you would like to use is providing their services remotely
• Purchase gift cards and use them in the future
• Be a champion of your favourite stores by posting about them on social media