Open Late ‘Til Eight

Downtown Peterborough is open late ‘til eight every Thursday and Friday!

From June 13th through to the end of August, retail businesses in downtown Peterborough will be open until 8 pm every Thursday and Friday evening.

Open Late ‘Til Eight is a coordinated effort that includes 27 retail shops with the goal of increasing access to shopping in downtown Peterborough. Not only are the hours convenient, but parking downtown is free after 6 pm.

Look for the Open Late ‘Til Eight sticker in the window of your favourite downtown shop.

Participating shops:

• Bluestreak Record

• Charlotte’s Web

• Cottage Toys

• Dodrio

• Flavour

• Grey Guardian Games

• Hi Ho Silver

• Iceman Games

• John Roberts Clothiers

• K&C Costumes

• Lift Lock Escape

• META4 Gallery

• Minh’s Chinese Grocery

• Next Level Mobile

• Pipe Dreamz

• Providence

• Ritual Apothecary

• Runner’s Life

• Running Room


• Sustain

• The Peace Pipe

• The Toy Shop

• Tiny Green

• Tribal Voices

• Under One Sun

• You’re Welcome

• Zap Records