We have more than 450,000 square feet of free WiFi downtown! This is for everyone who shops, dines, lives and works downtown. The WiFi network is designed to be used outdoors to enhance your downtown experience.

How to use it:

1. Select DowntownPTBO WiFi on the list of available networks on your mobile device or computer
2. Review the terms of service and click “agree” on the landing page that pops up
3. Now you’re online!

Launched in 2017, our downtown WiFi network has been a big success with an average of more than 1,200 people connecting every day.



Q — Do I need a password?
A — No password is needed.

Q — I’m at the back of the most amazing café, but I’m having trouble connecting. Why?
A — Our WiFi is an outdoor network. You will be able to access it inside some buildings, especially near the street by large windows, but your best signal will be outdoors.

Q — Is the network secure?
A — We have security systems in place, but the nature of a public access network is that it can be vulnerable. We’ll try our best to keep you safe, but we don’t recommend using our WiFi for sensitive activities like financial transactions.

Q — How do I advertise on the landing page?
A — Call the DBIA office at 705-748-4774 or email wifi@peterboroughbia.com