Mark Jokinen Books

We have a bit of everything in our stock, but with much history, literature, SF and fantasy, mysteries, Christianity and academic textbooks. Our stock is a mix of paperback and hardcover, with about 17,000 volumes in the shop and an equal amount stored off site.

The shop is located at 271 George Street North in downtown Peterborough. At present, we choose not to post our stock for sale online, but inquiries are always welcome (telephone, letter, email). We accept Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards.

Our shop is well lit, well organized, airy and clean. We have free chocolate chip cookies, a funny or thoughtful quote of the week in the shop window, and there are five other used book stores within 3 blocks of us!

271 George Street, Peterborough, Ontario


  • sun 01:00 - 05:00
  • mon 10:00 - 05:30
  • tues 10:00 - 05:30
  • wed 10:00 - 05:30
  • thurs 10:00 - 05:30
  • fri 10:00 - 05:30
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